YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator
YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator
YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator
YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator
YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator
$ 679.99

YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator

YETI XD™ JL/JT Drag Link with Griffin XD™ Attenuator

 by Steer Smarts

Part numbers: 78089002 - (Bottom Mount w/ Red Bellows)
78089001 - (Bottom Mount w/ Black Bellow)

78077002(No Drill Top Mount w/ Red Bellow)
78077001 - (No Drill Top Mount w/ Black Bellow


***NOTE*** A minimum lift height of 4.5" ( and correct bump stop) is required for a top-mount draglink. Part #79022001 (Track Bar Relocation Bracket) is necessary when flipping your draglink - it maintains proper track bar and draglink geometry. For those running METAL CLOAK Lifts, we do not recommend a top mount draglink for their lift kits d/t interference issues.

STEER SMARTS™ is proud to present our most EXTREME steering linkage “The YETI XD™" Series linkage equipped with our GRIFFIN XD™ Attenuator. We applied our 85 years of steering “lessons learned” to develop the strongest most durable linkage ever built for the Wrangler. 

The YETI XD Draglinks are a complete bolt-on draglinkThe YETI XD Draglinks install in just minutes and bolts to the factory tapered knuckle hole and the factory pitman arm hole.



  • Easy bolt-on installation.
  • Griffin XD Attenuator for the highest level of on-road and off-road stability and performance.
  • Engineered for proper clearance to other chassis components to eliminate interferences.
  • 30mm 1 1/2 Ton ball joints designed specifically for the JL.
  • Cold headed medium carbon alloy steel ball studs provide incredible impact toughness for extreme duty usage.
  • Induction heat treated ball studs provide ultimate fatigue strength and superior off-road durability.
  • Steel on steel bearings provide exceptional ball joint wear resistance and robustness.
  • High-quality seals ensure long ball joint life. Our superior seals have been rigorously tested to minimize leakage between grease service intervals which greatly improves our ball joint reliability over our competition.
  • Fully greaseable.
  • Powder coat over E-coat for a long lasting appearance under harsh conditions.
  • External threads are e-coated for durability and long term serviceability.
  • Forged from medium carbon high harden-ability steel and heat treated for greater buckling, impact, and fatigue strength.
  • Forged from medium carbon high hardenability steel and heat treated for even greater buckling, impact, and fatigue strength.
  • Large 1 ¼ inch rolled threads at tie rod adjuster and draglink ends provide significantly increased strength over the original equipment threads.
  • Unique “Reverse Pin” technology prevents our linkage from flopping or rocking. This technology is built into the socket unlike the weak external supports on some competitor linkage.
    • Reduces harsh and negative feedback to your steering wheel.
    • Draglink adjuster is manufactured from large diameter ¼ inch thick wall high strength 4130 Chromoly steel tubing for maximum buckling strength.
    • Adjuster clamps assure proper clamp force using conventional tools without the possible risk of loosening like large jam nuts.
    • Designed with right-hand and left-hand threads for quick and easy adjustment when installed on the vehicle.
    • E-coated for a long lasting appearance under harsh conditions.
    • Internal threads and tube are also e-coated for long term serviceability.
    • Designed for the proper clearance to other chassis components to eliminate interferences.
    • Patented Design.

    *Draglink fits all left-hand drive JL Wrangler models 2007 to 2017 including Rubicon and Unlimited.

    Note: A 17” wheels minimum is recommended. 16" wheels with a maximum 4.5" backspacing might fit but not guaranteed.

    **Jeeps equipped with Anniversary Edition Factory Skid plates will need to slightly modify skid plate for clearance with GriffinXD







    (approx) 1 Hour



    Moderate Mechanical Skill Required 



  • Basic Hand Tools

  • Torque Wrench


    YETI XD w/ Griffin XD 



    See what the Jeep Wrangler Forum members have to say about the Griffin XD Attenuator.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    JLU No Lift Fit issues

    I installed the JL SteerSmarts Yeti XD Draglink w/Griffin Attenuator as well as the SteerSmarts Yeti Pro Trackbar and Tierod. Upon completing the installation of those parts, I attempted to install a steering damper. Folks, using the SteerSmarts steering damper relocation bracket, there is just not enough room in there with the big Yeti trackbar and especially the Griffin attenuator. Yes, I can get a steering damper in there when setting on the wheels, but when the steering is turned to the extreme left and the left suspension is compressed, the steering damper will contact the trackbar above it. Upon contacting SteerSmarts, they offered no proven compatible solution. Possibly on an extreme lift with bump stops several inches taller than stock, it would work. My JLU is not lifted. I do not recommend installing a Griffin attenuator draglink on a JL without bump stops at least 3 inches taller than stock, if you want to use the SteerSmarts steering damper position. I'll either have to ditch the $300 Griffin attenuator and replace it with a $140 plain adjuster sleeve or relocate the steering damper to the passenger side by fabricating brackets. I like the Steersmarts products, but this one was half baked in my experience.

    Dream Ride!

    We installed the bottom mount XD with attenuator, tie rod assembly, damper shock from Street Smart to replace factory worn out components on our 2014 JKU that was plagued with death wobble, bump steer, lane wander, and all kinds of issues. We love our rig and in fact have 2 JK’s but the factory steering is a no go! We gained more steering issues when we started to upgrade to bigger tires and aftermarket bumpers etc.
    Choosing which brand to purchase was very confusing and reviews didn’t help much until I came across a brief mention on a forum that simply recommended the person to get Steer Smart Yeti. I had not heard of it and looked it up but the gut instinct, which incidentally is always correct, pushed for Steer Smart. This product was the only one that had five star reviews on every single site!!! Not one bad review! After watching a few videos I was sold.
    We just got the jeep back after install and it drives like a dream!!! I deliberately drove it thru areas which I avoided in the past where it would go into a death wobble and with the Yeti XD it glided over seamlessly! I was amazed. The steering feels beefy with the perfect firmness to give absolute control. Zero bump steer and zero lane wander. We can now drive with impunity and not have to worry about taming the beast on the road.
    Only one thing to take note of: be advised the steering damper shock does not come with the drop down bracket and is a separate purchase.
    Thank you for making our rig into a dream ride!

    Must have after installing coil overs. Great product. Great customer service.

    Installed King Off Road Racing coil overs 5" lift. Steering became sloppy and the occasional death wobble left me no choice. Now the steering feels solid. I initially ordered the top mount drag link, that was a mistake. Even with a 5" lift, the drag link will make contact with the frame when the passenger tire is pushed into the wheel well. And if you're unlucky like I was, the clamp with catch the transmission coolant line and nearly tear it off. Customer service responded promptly and accepted the exchange without any hassle.


    My jeep now drives great! Better handling than the stock..

    Upgrading suspension? Don't forget about steering!

    I installed the bottom mount version of this draglink on my 2 door JL at the same time as the 3.5in Metalcloak gamechanger suspension. For the moment I am only running 35s. I've taken the Jeep off road 4 times since installing the steer smarts draglink, front trackbar and tie rod and I have to say I think it rides better than it did stock. Installation and adjustments to the draglink are very simple! There is no doubt in my mind that this is the strongest draglink on the market today.