New to the aftermarket... but definitely not new to the game!

Steer Smarts is powered by a dedicated team of enthusiasts and engineers that are fueled by innovation and backed by over a century long legacy of designing and manufacturing components for Detroit’s automotive giants. Every Steer Smarts product is manufactured in the USA and is fully tested in-house at our 10,000 sq/ft Testing and R&D lab. Steer Smarts is committed to revolutionize the Jeep world with inventions like the “No Drill” top mounted draglink and the Griffin attenuator. Our mission is simple, to design products that offer more features and better performance than any other competitive products on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ask Yeti


How long will it take to ship my order?

We do our best to get orders shipped out as soon ASAP. With that being said, we process orders on a first come first basis and as a general rule will have your shipment on the truck within 2-3 days, unless faster shipping has been selected and paid for on your invoice. 

Can I walk-in and purchase Steer Smarts products at your location in Plymouth?

Our offices/warehouse are not a retail store and we do not allow walk in orders for our products. We do, however, allow online purchases to be picked up locally so long as you communicate with us prior to your arrival to schedule a pickup time for your products M-F 10a - 5p (excluding holidays).

Will your products stop death-wobble?

They will help; however, there are many factors that can cause death wobble. The primary components on the front end that you want to ensure are in good working order are the ball joints, control arm bushings and track bar bushings. Having multiple worn out bushings will compound and cause for larger issues, which will ultimately lead to an unsafe driving experience. The alignment is also a large contributing factor on how the Jeep drives and handles. While the jeep has limited adjustment features, ensuring the caster angle and toe are in within spec of your custom setup is important. It is crucial to remember that running larger tires and custom components often times will require different specs that can differ from OEM due to the change in steering geometry. Properly adjusting toe is done via the tie rod. Our Yeti XD Tie-Rod will ensure you have the strongest bar on the market and OEM-like adjust-ability. Fitting on all JK models regardless of lift, the Yeti XD Tie Rod is a must have component. 

Do I need a track bar? What does it do?

The simple answer is that you'll be glad you have it. The track bar is a very important component for keeping the Jeep and other solid front-axle vehicle traveling safely down the road. The Track bar is the primary component connecting the axle to the chassis. The secondary purpose is to keep the axle centered within the tube/body. Connected between two points, the axle (passenger side) and the pitman arm (Driver side). When you lift the Jeep these two points of connection become elongated, at which point an aftermarket track bar is required. Our Yeti XD Track Bar is a fully adjustable 2in forging. A bar that allows for zero deflection and ensures that you will be traveling down the road with minimal to no shimmy. Compatible in stock and lifted forms, the Yeti XD Track Bar is a perfect upgrade for those who are looking to keep their Jeep going straight down the road. 

How do I determine what’s good for my Jeep? This is a question with multiple answers.

  • First you need to consider what size lift you are currently on.

  • If you have a JK and your lift is 3” or below you want to use a stock location Draglink, commonly referred to is bottom mount. Our Yeti XD Bottom Mount Draglink is designed for just that. Fully adjustable with true left and right hand threads, our  Yeti XD Draglink is the go-to for stock and mild lifts. The track bar will also retain its stock location in this configuration. Our Yeti XD Track Bar can be found here. 

  • If you have a JK with a lift of 3” – 3.5” (and above), this is when we suggest you make the change to top-mount, however, you can still get away with a bottom mount, though your draglink angle will be pretty extreme. Many of the lifts out there have advertised heights as opposed to actual heights, it is strongly recommended to install these lifts and measure actual heights before making a drag link purchase. This will ensure the proper linkage is ordered, and save you money from having to do the job twice.

  • JL/JT Owners - we do not recommend doing a top mount draglink until you are at the 4.5 - 5" lift d/t interference issues below that.


  • JK owner with a lift of 3.5” or more the conversion to top mount is critical to retain the correct steering geometry. Steer Smarts offers two solutions. Our popular Yeti XD No-Drill Top Mount Draglink, not only will save you the headache of drilling out the OEM knuckle, it will ensure the knuckle retains the correct diameter hole for a secure and proper connection. This is also completely reversible should one decided to sell or change components. 

  • For those who have already drilled their knuckle out or running a high-steer knuckle such as a Reid or Rancho, we recommend you use our Yeti XD Top Mount Draglink. This is specifically designed for knuckles that retain the factory JK taper. 

  • Lastly, to ensure proper steering geometry when going to a high-steer set up, you must relocate your track bar. Steer Smarts has designed the only fully bolt-on solution. Our Yeti XD Track Bar Relocation Bracket is no holds bar the toughest on the market. Fabricated out of ¼’’ steel to withstand the punishments Jeeps endure. E-coated for rust protection and topped with a black powder coat to give it a factory appeal.

What is the Griffin Attenuator? Is it another stabilizer?

The Griffin HD and Griffin XD Attenuators are best described as an inline filter for your steering wheel. It does not do the same thing as a stabilizer, but rather, it helps to filter some of the road noise and negative feedback from the road out of the steering wheel. The Griffin Attenuators soften road noise and impact blows to the pit man arm that would normally result in negative steering wheel feedback.

I’m currently only on a 2.5” lift but plan on going taller in the future, can I run a top mount anyway?

  • No, this is not recommended as you will not have proper clearances and steering geometry. However, Steer Smarts cleverly designed their linkage system to be modular. Purchasing a bottom mount linkage is the correct way to set up the steering under a 2.5” lift. As you progress into taller lifts with the likelihood of larger tires all you have to purchase just the No-Drill Top Mount End and/or the Drilled Out High-Steer End, pending your set up. In addition do not forget our Relocation Bracket for your track bar which is required when doing a top mount steering conversion. 

  • Designing the linkages with a modular mindset allows our parts to grow with your build, and is budget conscious. In the event you have an “oopsie” off road and bend something, you can purchase replacement parts rather than purchasing an entire linkage set. 

Will Steer Smarts Products work with aftermarket Axles?

This list will be updated on a case by case basis. Our products are designed to work within the OEM specs. With that in mind – After market companies who incorporate these philosophies with their products will have better chances of being able to utilize our linkage systems.

What is your warranty policy?

  • All Steer Smarts products come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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