Smarten Up! Sector Shaft Brace

The Yeti XD™ Sector Shaft Brace with Track Bar Reinforcement Bracket is a relatively low cost piece with an amazing value offered. This bracket makes an immediately noticeable improvement to the overall drivability of the vehicle.
One aspect of the bracket is to create an attachment point for the steering box sector shaft to the frame of the vehicle, which helps to limit horizontal movement that happens under normal driving situations and is compounded when adding larger wheels and tires. This brace also helps to absorb excessive blows to the sector shaft that can occur when major impacts occur while off-roading. 
The second major benefit of this product is to reinforce the frame side mounting bracket for the track bar. From the factory, the frame side track bar mount is thin walled and the welds leave something to be desired. These stock brackets become liabilities when adding larger tires, and even more of a concern when adding larger axels, increasing the lift height, upgrading track bars, etc. Most people who are doing the above modifications are also off-roading the vehicle and are generally harder on them, which adds a lot of extra stress to this already weak point. The Track Bar reinforcement aspect of our bracket cradles the stock frame side track bar mount with 1/4" steel and connects it to another point on the frame. 
The brackets utilize a maintenance-free roller bearing that mates to a magnicoated sector nut. All new magnicoated hardware is included with these kits and the 1/4" steel is e-coated for maximum corrosion and chip resistance. 
If you're looking to tighten up the steering on your JK, JL, or JT, look no further than our YETI XD™ Sector Shaft Brace with Track Bar Reinforcement bracket!






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