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Steer Smarts #YetiEquipped Weekly Photo Contest

Steer Smarts Yeti Equipped Photo Contest


As more and more Steer Smarts products make their way into the ever-growing Jeep World, we have been thinking of ways to give back and show our appreciation for all of our customers. It’s not surprising that many of you consider your jeep to be your “baby,” a prized possession that you’ve sunk countless wrenching hours (and dollars) into, with the aspirations to creating your ultimate rig; which might be a rock crawler, or an overlanding rig, or maybe even the random two-track explorer that you can count on while exploring a new location.

We’ve come up with a way to showcase your rides while also giving a little back by selecting four (4) winners each month. These winners will be selected based on the photos, stories, and responses we receive from anyone who is #YetiEquipped. We’ll be featuring many the submitted photos and stories on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and we’ll pick 4 of our favorites from each month to receive a #YetiAppreciationPak. You never know what the YetiAppreciatePak’s will contain from month to month, so submit new photos/stories each month for your best chance to win #YetiSWAG, or maybe something even better!

Each unique submission to photos@steersmarts.com will be date and time stamped when it’s received. Submission will start on Monday of each week and must be submitted before 12m on the Sunday of that week. One winner from each week’s submissions will be selected on the following Monday and announced on our social media channels. Your submission will only be considered for the week it was submitted, and each submission needs to be a new and unique photo/story.

Copy the questions below and give us your best answers in the body of the email. You can submit as many unique photos/stories as you like, but remember, you never know what the following week's prizes will be!

1. What Steer Smarts Component(s) do you have on your Jeep?
2. What’s the story behind your Jeep? What makes it special or unique?
3. List favorite/most notable modifications:
4. IG Username (if applicable)

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