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What is the Best Specialty Automotive Aftermarket Product and Safety Blog?

What is the Best Specialty Automotive Aftermarket Product and Safety Blog?

Ron North |

What is the Best Specialty Automotive Aftermarket Product and Safety Blog?


After today, when Steer Smarts goes Live, the answer is clear. You made it to the right place!  


Hello and welcome, I’m Jackson Smith, Jack for short, and I want to introduce you to Steer Smarts. What is Steer Smarts you ask? Steer Smarts is the innovative aftermarket brand of an OEM steering and suspension leader based in the Midwest. Descended from an OEM Steering and Suspension leader, Steer Smarts has the industry leading expertise, engineering and production capabilities to meet your needs. But enough about who we are let’s get into something more interesting, like why is this Blog here?

Here at Steer Smarts, we want to communicate all the latest news about the steering and suspension industry. This first week we will start out by discussing the most important week in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry! So Happy Halloween and prepare for all the lead up to Thanksgiving with the smorgasbord of Automotive goodies featured at Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week!



AAIW is a gathering of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry’s best and brightest in Las Vegas during the first week of November. They come together to compare notes, compete for prizes, and give the industry watchers a taste of what they are working on and what to expect in the future of automotive aftermarket customization and improvement. The US Commercial Service provides the following information about AAIW on their events website: http://www.export.gov/%5C/industry/auto/index.asp?EventID=35450&InputType=EVENT

 These shows represent the highlights of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week:



The SEMA Show

What is the SEMA Show? A huge trade show that features one of the largest collection of automotive aftermarket products in the world! The Specialty Equipment Market Association, SEMA, is the trade association that consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street-rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more. It hosts the SEMA Show each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a party not to be missed for auto enthusiasts! Running Nov. 3 - 6 this year it will not disappoint!

Representatives from Steer Smarts will be attending the SEMA Show to see what the latest trends in the industry are to better meet the needs of our customers.

Additionally, in regards to the SEMA Show, Autoblog features a whole section about SEMA on its site. A perfect stop for a listing of the top automaker’s line-up for the SEMA Show http://www.autoblog.com/sema/ 



What is AAPEX? The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo is another one of the most anticipated showcases during Automotive Aftermarket Industry. The Expo begins November 3, and runs through November 5. AAPEX draws over 39,000 targeted buyers and more than 130,000 professionals from all over the world. They represent the $477 billion global aftermarket and flock to Las Vegas to browse, examine, display and take part in the best the aftermarket industry has to offer.

Steer Smarts will be on hand at the AAPEX scoping out the best new products and interacting with industry leaders.

Check out Aftermarket News for some great information regarding who and what will be available for viewing at AAPEX. http://www.aftermarketnews.com/aapex/default.aspx

Okay, so that’s a small introduction about why this blog is here, and the first post in particular is a great kick off to some of the great content we will be featuring here in the future.


So what does the future look like? What will this blog be about?

It will feature solutions to many of your problems and ask you questions like:

  • How does your vehicle’s steering feel?
  • Have you experienced jittery steering and the dangerous wobble when driving on the highway?
  • How can you improve your driving experience?
  • Have you been searching for ways to make your driving experience safer?
    • Do you crave the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the most reliable products that always perform?

      One of our most acclaimed products that is already improving the driving experience for many people is the Jeep JK Wrangler Attenuator. It is a unique and innovative product that among other things combats the dreaded Death Wobble problem.

      Information on the Death Wobble problem can be found at these following links:





      While many fixes are claimed by others, the Attenuator is the solution all in one improvement part. Dylan from Florida proclaims “above all it feels more safe to drive” after he installed it. Feel free to check out our Product Videos section for more information on the Attenuator.


      Steer Smarts is the go-to for innovative Steering and Suspension products!

      All of this and more can be expected in the future. Steer Smarts is focused on providing you with insightful content and informing you about industry trends.

      Thank you for stopping by and clearly, if you got all the way down here to the end of the blog, you were entertained. Everyone here at Steer Smarts is very excited about our official site launch and we cannot wait to hear from our many customers and site visitors. So, please share your thoughts with us! Use the comments section below to tell us what you think. We are open to feedback of all kinds and hope you bring any questions you have to us, as we may post on them in the future!

      That’s all for now, enjoy the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week and look for our next post in the near future!                      

       - Jack

      Viva Las Vegas!               


      Major thankies for the forum. Great. Nicholls


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