Reinventing The Top Mount Draglink

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     A top mounted draglink is a must do modification for anyone with more than 3.5” of lift and is a crucial step to realigning the steering geometry on your JK. But installing a top mounted draglink on your Jeep can be a little daunting, especially if you’re planning on doing it yourself. Trust us, we know after having installed them on our own Jeeps. The fact that you have to drill out the stock JK knuckle to accommodate a top mounted draglink makes for a nerve-racking weekend project, not to mention the potential of ending up with sloppy steering or a linkage failure due to miss-drilling the knuckle. It’s easy to see why even an expert tech might think twice about doing this mod.

     We were a little uneasy ourselves and were not totally convinced that this is the only way to do it. So we took a long, hard look at what the market had to offer and focused our attention on the current process for top mounting a draglink. We told ourselves, “There’s got to be a better way”.  So with some intense brain storming and countless sketches we developed our patented no drill Reverse Taper Mount. This unique direct bolt on solution eliminates the need to drill andmodify your Jeep’s factory knuckle.  When we started testing our first prototypes, we thought, “Is it really this simple?” and, after many engineering hours validating and testing, YES, it really is that simple.   Our Reverse Taper Mount has changed the game, taking what was a very tricky and difficult task and making it a simple process that the average Jeep owner can now perform in his own garage.

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