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     A lot of aftermarket brands claim to offer “Heavy Duty” steering linkages for the Jeep Wrangler, but not all linkages that carry an “HD” tag are developed equally.  Many aftermarket brands utilize larger diameter tubing or bars with larger than stock ball joints, but just because they look bigger and are called “HD” doesn't automatically make them truly “Heavy Duty” or stronger.  Most often these larger components just transfer stresses to other unaddressed components such as studs or bearings and create hidden weaknesses in the final product.  In most cases these so-called “HD” products are not much stronger than the stock OE components.  To be fare, most aftermarket companies do not have the resources to extensively test their components and don’t often know exactly what their weak-link is.
     The approach we take at SteerSmarts™ is a little bit different.  When we set out to develop a YETI Linkage™, we engineer every aspect of the product to work together and then extensively test every design to ensure there are no weaknesses hiding in the final product.  Fatigue testing is one great example of some of the testing our products must endure.   We affix one side of a linkage to a test bench and continuously apply a positive / negative 3,000lbs force to the other end until the product fails.  We not only test our products this way, but we test all of our leading competitors to ensure we launch a superior product. Having the ability to test our products in our dedicated 10,000 sq/ft Testing and R&D lab gives us a dramatic advantage over our competitors and is just one of the huge advantages of having 85 years of experience developing and supplying steering components for the large OEM's.
     We believe that YETI Linkages are the most highly engineered and highly tested steering components for the Jeep Wrangler.  See just how SteerSmarts stacks up against the completion in this short video and check out the full line of SteerSmarts products logon to

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